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News from Terra Santa Christian Media Center in Jerusalem

  • Challenges of the New School Year in the Holy Land
    Christian schools started the new school year by engaging the student in the process of learning and devotion together, to stimulate the present generations amid the contemporary challenges.
  • Rebirth from the dust. The testimony of Brother Noor
    Through the words of Brother Noor, Seminarian of the Custody of Holy Land, we live the drama but also the hope of the many Iraqi Christians who went back to live in the plain of Nineveh, in Iraq, which was freed from the presence of ISIS.
  • The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
    Pilgrims and religious gathered on Calvary, where Jesus was crucified, to celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
  • Mi'ilya: the village of archaeologists
    The largest winery of the Crusader era was discovered in the subsoil of Mi'ilya, near the border with Lebanon, in one of the last villages that remained entirely Christian.
  • The “Story of Ibn-El-Balad” Festival in Ramallah
    An exhibition on the Bible, lectures, lots of music and a lively youth. The The “Story of Ibn-El-Balad” Festival was held in Ramallah.
  • Terra Santa News 13/09/2019
    This week: the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary celebrated in the Church of St. Anne in Jerusalem; the ascent of Mount Nebo, in Jordan, on the occasion of the Feast of St. Moses; the first biblical festival in Ramallah; the Benedictine monastery on the Mount of Olives, an important iconographic center and finally, the emotions and feelings of the pilgrimage of a group of blind Italian children.