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News from Terra Santa Christian Media Center in Jerusalem

  • Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, the Feast of Dedication
    On July 15, 1149, 800 years after the first consecration of the Constantinian Basilica, the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was consecrated. The church dates back to the Crusade period and is still visible today. Every year, on the same day, a celebration commemorates this event.
  • Terra Santa News 12/07/2019
    This week: the awarding of the Diplomas to the Holy Land School of Jaffa, the experience in the Holy Land of the young Parisian artist Miyuka Schipfer, the beer of David brought back to life thanks to a group of Israeli scientists, William Sabat and the miracle of San Charbel. And finally the story of Shibly Abusada, Kawas and driver of the Custody of the Holy Land.
  • Miyuka Schipfer, French artist in Jerusalem
    The Holy Land is not only a destination for tourism or pilgrimages. For the young Parisian artist Miyuka Schipfer, the Holy Land is an opportunity to capture some of its beauty... with a pen and a white sheet of paper.
  • The Beer of David
    A team of Israeli scientists extracted a 5000-year-old yeast from ancient terracotta containers and brought it back to life, reproducing King David's beer.
  • Golden Jubilee at the Terra Sancta School in Jaffa
    50th anniversary of the foundation of the Terra Sancta School in Jaffa. A great celebration for the awarding of diplomas to students from the class of 2019 who, just like their ancestors, graduated in the same school and started the Arabic cultural awakening in the Holy Land.
  • The story of William Sabat: when a healing becomes an opportunity to testify
    The story of William Sabat, an 11-year-old boy from Betfage. When he was paralyzed in his legs for weeks, the doctors could not give a clear diagnosis. Then the rapid healing, and the rediscovered faith and testimony for the whole family.