Christianity in the Holy Land

Contrary to the politically correct axioms of our time, "Palestine" and "Palestinians" are not other words for "Islamic Terrorism" and "Radicalized Muslims".

Christianity began with Jesus and his Jewish followers in Palestine and Israel almost 600 years before Muhammad and the creation of Islam. 

Since that time, Palestinian-Christians and their families have been, and continue, to live there. Despite often severe persecutions because of their faith, they have been attempting to peacefully coexist in Palestine, (and throughout the Holy Land) alongside their Jewish and Muslim neighbors. These are the forgotten men, women and children, who like you, are faithful and patriotic citizens of the states where they live, and they desire nothing more than to worship God and to live in peace.


The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

The EOHSJ works in cooperation with the Latin Patriarch to meet the corporal and spiritual needs of not only the region's native Catholic population,

but in supporting, and advocating for, the well-being of all the peoples of the Holy Land, regardless of professed faith.

All human life is sacred to God!

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