Our Purposes & Nature

The purposes and nature of our Order as stated in Articles 2 & 3 of our governing constitution:


  1. To strengthen in its members the practice of Christian life, in absolute fidelity to the Supreme Pontiff and according to the teachings of the Church, observing as its foundation the principles of charity of which the Order is a fundamental means for assistance to the Holy Land;
  2. To sustain and aid the charitable, cultural and social works and institutions of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, particularly those of and in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, with which the Order maintains traditional ties;
  3. To support the preservation and propagation of the Faith in those lands, interesting in this work the Catholics scattered throughout the world, united in charity by the symbol of the Order, and also all brother Christians;
  4. To sustain the rights of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land.


     The Order, through its nature and its strictly religious and charitable purposes, does not participate in any movement or demonstration whatsoever of political character. The members of the Order cannot take part in activities of enterprises, organizations and associations whose character, purposes and programs contradict the doctrine and teachings of the Catholic Church, or partake in presumed Orders and Institutions of asserted knighthood character which are not recognized by the Holy See or not allowed by Sovereign States.